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Every day, our family-oriented team works toward one goal — to build you a home that’s synonymous with happiness. A home that’s spacious and open, smart and efficient, and personalized to your family.

Throughout the Triangle, our innovative living spaces have redefined happier, healthier living with America's Smart Home® features, an ecoSelect™ certification, and open-concept design that beckons family and friends to come together, day or night, to enjoy each other’s company and feel right at home.

We’ve always taken a different approach to build and buy a new living space because you deserve far better than “one size fits all.”By joining the D.R. Horton - America’s Builder family, we’ve combined the resources of a national builder with our local team's personalized care, rooted right here in Raleigh, which allows us to provide an experience like no other.

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The Terramor Homes team holds dear the values of our local community and the families who make them. We operate by the passion that we will leave our communities better than we have found them, making a difference every single day. Thoughtfully designed, with our homeowners at the heart, our team aims to exceed the homebuying and homebuilding expectations of each and every family who are searching for quality, functionality and cutting-edge style in their new home.