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This is a story about the American Dream, rediscovered and reinterpreted. Where people will gather to share the very best local foods, music and crafts. And celebrate the rituals of the changing season. It’s about families growing. Friendships forming. Lives evolving. A community blossoming. And this is just the beginning.
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Pecan Square’s tech-savvy homes make life easier, but they also make it more neighborly. Because they connect you to the community. At move-in, homes come with half-gigabit Wi-Fi, Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show. With a few simple words you can see who’s at the front door, make restaurant reservations or watch your favorite Marvel movie. And get notified when your packages arrive at the Post & Parcel. But best of all, Alexa connects to the HOA. So you can sign up for a yoga class. See who’s playing at the outdoor concert. And then video call your neighbors to make plans.