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Megatel Homes has built a reputation as a quality home builder who cares about you. Each Megatel home is built with the finest in construction methods, quality materials and architectural details to ensure that our homes exceed the expectation of each homeowner. Our goal at Megatel Homes is to create a seamless home buying experience, provide excellent customer service and continuously create quality homes. Megatel Homes understands that your new home is more than a collection of rooms. It's a home that is as unique as you are!
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Address: 2101 Cedar Springs Rd, Suite 700 Dallas, TX 75201
Megatel Homes loves its Real Estate Agents!

Here at Megatel, we believe in maintaining a strong relationship with the Real Estate Agent community, as they are key players in educating and directing buyers to a home that they will continue to love for years to come.

As a Real Estate Agent with Megatel homes, you are in great hands. Our passionate and knowledgable sales team will provide you with the tools you need to be the most effective and successful. As a team, we will help to ensure that the buyer has a seamless home buying experience and keys to the perfect Megatel Home for them.

Megatel Homes has a strong dedication to providing quality homes as well as customer service and would love to talk to you soon.

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